Weekly Letter (Jan 29 ’18)

Dear Star Families,

National Catholic Schools Week began yesterday. This is when all Catholic schools celebrate what makes us unique from all other educational institutions. While here at Star this means great fun for students as we celebrate Spirit Week, we also take this time to focus on the gift of Catholic education. We reflect on the high quality, faith-focused, value-added education that we offer at Star and are reminded of the vital part we play in raising generations of people who go on to make positive impacts in our world.

This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” This theme recognizes and celebrates how our school’s traditionally high academic standards, supported by strong moral values, help develop students and form graduates who go on to make significant contributions to our local, national, and global societies.

We are very proud of our diverse community, serving students from all backgrounds and giving each a strong academic and moral foundation. Our diversity gives us a larger understanding of our neighbors’ needs. Even in elementary school, our students undertake many service projects that benefit our surrounding community. Giving back and helping others are values instilled in every Catholic school student, particularly here at Star, where we are committed stewards of our faith as we visit our elderly and our veterans, feed our hungry, clothe our poor, and raise money for those in need all around the world.

Therefore, on this week that celebrates our Catholicity, it is important to take time to congratulate ourselves: our alumni, our parish, our students, our families, our teachers, and staff for all the good that we do here. After all, it is here that we help enable students to succeed in not only their nuclear families but to also lay the groundwork to help them find their vocations whether in religious life, government, industry, business, nonprofit, or education. Kindness matters in all of these, especially here at Star.

Enjoy the week!

Mrs. Theresa Poon

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